Different Ain't Dangerous

by Patch William

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"and I'm not tryna preach or teach or do a damn thing
all I wanna do is spit my raps and let my fans sing
so as a listener just be careful what you take from this
we're not your buddies, or your parents, or your therapists"

The D.A.D. Mixtape from Patch William

Music Video for Who Am I here:


released May 1, 2015

Executive Produced by Patch The Programmer

All Songs Written and Recorded by Patch William

Track 3, Double Vision: Song concept and chorus written by Hemingway
Track 4, Look In The Mirror: Song co-written by Ben Zion
Track 12, Father Time: Addition vocals by Michal Madeline
Cover Art by Brian Thabault



all rights reserved


Patch William Bozeman, montana

Welcome to the new dimension of sound and style.

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Track Name: Who Am I (Prod. Big Chawn)
Who The Fuck Am I?
You Know What It Is (X3)
Im Patch William
Im Patch William, Fuck Them Hoes

Who the fuck am I?
Im that quiet guy
you mistake for shy
til I punch you in your eye
leave you talkin bout me
girlfriend throwin eyes cuz Im fly
style super sized
call me extra fries,
fuck with me
I can't hear you cuz my shit too loud
I can't recognize your face,
can't pick you out the crowd
I don't fuck with people who don't fuck with what I'm bout
and Im not in this for the friendship bitch
you better put it out
I'ma throw it down til I have to say I told you so
sniffin like a hound I go anywhere the doja go
keep me spinnin round, keep me flowin like a rotor phone
swaggin thru your speakers, keep me bumpin in your mobile home
put my light in the sky, Im an air traffic controller
flows slower, eye lower than sales by motorola
my tales are told to hold ya,
no bail until it's over
hail the smoker soldier
on my jedi like Im Yoda

Who The Fuck Am I?
You Know What It Is (X3)
Im Patch William
Im Patch William, Fuck Them Hoes

find me in the backseat,
not makin love, Im havin sex
higher than an architects
new Chicago projects
loungin like a lizard in Montana blizzards
fuck the sizzurp
I got me some Mr. Jamison up in my system
fuck permission, I might ask forgiveness
I think that's better for business
so hit me with some substance
cuz I'm not buyin the image
I deny existence of these liar gimmicks
cuz Patch Will is William Wallace
I got ill piranhas up in this real nirvana
chillin all up in the H.A.S.T.A.
Harry Attic Sound Trappin Association
do it proper
Ill see you manana if ya holla
but I won't do it for the dollar
so don't bother

Who The Fuck Am I?
You Know What It Is (X3)
Im Patch William
Im Patch William, Fuck Them Hoes